+ 17.10.2015 +

Due to several reasons the release of Mountza # 7 is postoponed for 2016.
If nothing changes, the new Issue will feature the debut flexi 7" EP of a top-notch greek act. 
Mountza # 6 and all back-issues are sold out.
More updates soon.

+ 10.01.2015 +

Happy new year to all!
Mountza # 6 is sold out from us. Some of our distributors are still having it, so make sure to check our distribution list in case you want to purchase it. We are still having few Mountza #5 copies left.

Mountza #7 is in the works and should be printed before the end of 2015. We will keep you updated.

Once again, thank you all for your kind support all these years!

+ 08.06.2014 +

Please check the Distribution page for Mountza # 6 & # 5 distribution/sale points!

  Mountza # 6

+ 19.05.2014 +

Release party on Saturday 24th @ Handlebar
Be there at 20.00! Raw music, cheap booze, good atmosphere!

+ 05.05.2014 +

Emerging from the ruins of a country in distress, Mountza is ready to unleash its brand new, sixth issue upon the world. The date is set for May 17th, and this time, Mountza is sicker than ever before. Fourteen interviews  covering everything from Greek black metal and American crust to UK hardcore and Canadian punk, with some Spanish folk and some post-industrial sounds thrown in for good measure. To top it off, we added the sickest drawings ever and a collection of live photographs that literally burst with energy.  
Stay tuned for updates and FACE THE AGGRESSION 

+ 08.09.2013 +

 Anti Cimex EPs - Official re-press 2013 (Nada Nada Discos)

Still Hot!!!



Mountza # 6

+ 28.05.2013 +

# 358, 359, 360, 361

+ 26.04.2013 +

Back in print..

Διατάραξη Κοινής Ησυχίας "v/a" LP (B Other Side - Limited to 700)
Incudes Αδιέξοδο, Γενιά του Χάους, Γκρόβερ, Ex Humans, Panx Romana, Stress
Originaly released in 1984 by Enigma

+ 16.04.2013 +

We have started organizing and working Mountza # 6. Expect a cold & huge issue.

+ 28.03.2013 +

The following fresh releases are simply great. Give them yourself a listen.

Αδιέξοδο "38 χιλιοστά" LP (Scarecrow/B Other Side)

 Boston Strangler "Primitive" LP (FWS) 
Iceage "You Are Nothing" LP (Escho)

Prisoner Abuse "s/t" LP (Painkiller)

Pig Control "s/t" EP (Heartfirst)

Multute "s/t" EP (Heartfirst) 

 Violent Future "s/t" EP (Slasher)

 Hoax "Caged/Sick Punk" EP (LVEUM)


Maximum Rock N Roll - Special offer for February/March 2013

Get any of the available back issues x 5, x 8 or x 10 in super special price.
Write us if you feel interested.


Fresh like blood!

Glam - "Veneno en sus Flechas" 12" (LVEUM)

Isterismo - "Folia Verso L' Interno" (LVEUM)

 Hoax - "Cage / Sick Punk" EP (LVEUM)

 Belgrado - "Vicious Cirvle/Panopticon" EP (LVEUM)

MRNR # 354 to 357


Mountza is getting all over the world and has until now reached Germany, Finland, Poland, UK, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Brazil, Australia, USA and more. The list with the most active distributors of Mountza can be found on the Distribution section.

Such small things are helping us keep our heads up and move on for Mountza # 6

Thank you all for your kind support all these years!


The darkest year of our times, has just started. 2012 was bad. 2013 will be way worse. 
To ease the pain that is menacingly approaching, you rather check the following Greek classics. Available in limited quantities.. Contact us.

Antimob "s/t" LP (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός 002)

Οδός 55 "s/t" (Eirmi 005)

Ex Humans "Ανώφελη Επιβίωση" (Geheimnis 006)

+ 24.12.2012 +

Darker darker darker days ahaid...