"A 'Mountza' is the most traditional gesture of insult among Greeks which consists of extending all fingers and presenting the palm towards the to-be-insulted person... The closer the gesture is to the other man's face, the more threatening it's considered."
Our Mountza, is an independent punk tangible publication written, designed, printed and binded in Athens, Greece. Mountza reports on all things punk, independent, genuine, hi-octane, low-fidelity, outspoken, underground, raw, dauntless, sick, twisted, blasphemous, instrumental, mental, sunny, uncanny & fun! Mountza is published at irregular time intervals by a company of three moustache-wearing men in tights and their comrades. Mountza is doin it itself for the (rich) kids (on LSD). Mountza is bad, is bad, you know it (really, really bad). Get your copy and feel the love brother!

The team of the fanzine is open minded, slim and clever. It features George Sk., Panos Asthma and Kostas K. All of us were participating in another fanzine called Immigrant until we felt that it was time to start something new. We also like free food and free beer.

All issues of "Mountza" have already reached the bigest part of our sick world!!!