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October 2012 - 176 pages thick. It features articles; opinions; reviews and all the typical shit usually associated with the Mountza team: guest Columns by some of our favourite local and international fanzine-folks; Art & Disorderly by Guillem El Muro and the photography of Matteus Mondini and Daigo Olivia; a heavy metal mania retrospective by George Skaf.; an 80s/90s Greek  punk discography report by Panos Asthma… Last but not least, inside it you’ll find lots of shit-talking with members of the legendary Stress (Gr); Paco from La Vida Es Un Mus and Yannick from Feral Ward; the insanely insane monster behind Midnight; the ugly Danish dudes from Iceage and Sexdrome; the thought-provoking Bob Ostertag; Gay Anniversary from Volos (Gr), cock-suckers Avon Ladies from Phoenix, the Secret Prostitutes from Austin, the Ropes, Anastasis from Dead Congregation, Martin from Vile Intent and loads more!

+ I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E +

We are having a worth-mentioning printed mistake on the new issue!!!
The Secret Prostitutes interview was conducted by Chris Johnson and not by Panos Asthma
Please forgive that and any other mistake your smart eye may catch. We are just three dudes

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